Good News through Community Economic Development

Coming soon, a book by David E. Kresta, PhD.

Walk with Jesus down your community’s Main Street and learn how to bring healing, resilience, and equity to your local economy.

Get a sneak peek of the Introduction to “Jesus on Main Street” here.

Why Community Economic Development?

God loves just economies, but in our communities we see huge cracks chiseled by the invisible hand of the market. By taking on Jesus’ mantle when he announced freedom for the poor and oppressed, we have a role to play in helping establish just economies here and now! Jesus on Main Street provides church leaders and church planters with a broad overview of Community Economic Development (CED), with practical steps to lead your church in following Jesus into those cracks. You’ll be equipped with the CED “toolkit” including microbusinesses, makerspaces, business incubators, worker cooperatives, workforce development, commercial district revitalization, locality development, anchor institutions, and accountable development. A robust assessment and planning guide specifically for churches will help you create a collaborative CED strategy rooted in God’s love for people and justice.  

For churches looking to bring healing to their local economies, CED builds capacity for long-term equitable economic growth, catalyzing a movement of business creation, employment, and job creation that does not leave anybody behind. This is the promise and challenge of CED as we follow Jesus down Main Street and explore what good news for local economies looks like!

To further whet your appetite, here are the chapters that you’ll see in “Jesus on Main Street”:

Foreword by Paul Metzger, PhD


Part One: Community Economic Development Overview

Chapter 1: What is Community Economic Development?

Chapter 2: The CED Ecosystem and the Role of Local Churches

Part Two: The Community Economic Development Toolkit

Chapter 3: Microbusinesses

Chapter 4: Makerspaces and the Maker Movement

Chapter 5: Business Incubators and Entrepreneurs

Chapter 6: Cooperatives and Community-rooted Economics

Chapter 7: Workforce Development

Chapter 8: Commercial District Revitalization

Chapter 9: Good Jobs Focus

Chapter 10: Locality Development: Housing and Land Use

Chapter 11: Anchor Institutions

Chapter 12: Accountable Development

Part Three: Community Economic Development Process

Chapter 13: Assessment and Implementation Process

Chapter 14: Context-sensitive CED

Chapter 15: Financing CED

Chapter 16: Conclusion

Appendix: Reimagining Religious Spaces

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