About Me

David E. Kresta, PhD

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I long to see all Jesus followers as indispensable members of communities that thrive for all. My research interests are how local churches impact their surrounding neighborhoods in processes such as gentrification, segregation, land use, and economic development.  My PhD in Urban Studies from Portland State University has given me a deep appreciation for the complexities of community and economic development and excitement for the opportunities for churches. I stay sharp teaching graduate level courses in Community Development and Community Economic Development at Portland State University, engaging with students who refuse to accept the status quo. Also, as a Fellow at the Ormond Center, Duke Divinity School, I work with fellow researchers, students, and practitioners to bring thriving to churches and congregations.

I’m grateful for 25+ years of experience in high-tech raising capital from skeptical investors and creating new products, bolstered with nonprofit and church board experience. My business experience, along with an MBA, equip me to understand the realities of business, finance, and economic systems. I see Jesus followers in cities and suburbs across the country experiencing a reawakening to our holistic mission, with the good news touching not only individuals but communities. I am convinced that God is calling us toward more engagement with the world, not less, and that means rolling up our sleeves and engaging with the processes driving local economies and overall community thriving. I love to walk alongside wonderful leaders of churches and faith-based organizations, helping them to understand their communities and participate in building communities that thrive for all.

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